The August Break: Yellow

080313 Yellow

I’m jumping on Kaylanaut’s suggestion to participate in The August Break so you guys won’t have to ready anymore ‘gosh I just don’t know what to say’ posts. Today’s yellow theme was a little bit perfect since my two August books are yellow. Also, today I wore a yellow shirt that I thrifted. It was exciting because a long time ago someone told me I should never wear yellow because it makes me look like I’m dying. I took pictures and I’ll let you decide, but I think I look remarkably not-dead in those photos (as opposed to undead)

The August Break 2013


2 thoughts on “The August Break: Yellow

  1. That’s such a rude thing to say; I seriously can’t believe people…who says that crap?! “You look dead in yellow…” oh my, grrrr… I hope your break is fantastic, and yellow is awesome.

    • Your indignation sustains me 🙂 I mentioned it to the person years later when I wore a yellow shirt around them and their response was “What? I never said that. You look just fine in yellow” Go figure!

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