There’s still sand in my hair

OR Beach GroupShot

My hair is full of sand still, even after a couple showers and my toes are sore from the beach sand flexing them backwards during the walking we did. It was an amazing trip, a complete escape from reality that filled David and I up like two helium balloons ready to fly away. We stayed in the most beautiful beach house of David’s friend and we joked that it almost felt like a honeymoon. Then we decided that every vacation should feel that way.

OR Beach Sunset

I spent time working on art, stumbling over it, and then having fun with collaging in a way I hadn’t tried before. I wrote, more than I expected, and I finished a book while I was there. Accomplishments! I made lists and thought about what I wanted from life, as well as from this blog. It seems, rightly so, that there is a trend of using your blog to document your life like a scrapbook. I love that concept, but I never want to share as much of my personal life as that seems to require. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot that I want to write about here, but it does seem that this pause before a shift is lasting longer than I expected.

Also? We stayed with David’s best friend T and his lady friend (and my really good friend) K. We were joking about one of the last times the four of us were hanging out and had a pouting contest. Somehow we all ended up standing next to each other in front of the bathroom mirror (I don’t know how these things happen) and started making pouting faces. It turned into a competition to see who had the best pout, and David won. If you ever meet him in person you should ask him to pout, because it’s just the cutest thing ever.


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