The family that cheers together…

Carol Finishes 071413

Over the weekend my sister made it to a pretty exciting milestone–she ran her first half marathon. We’re all super proud of her for setting such an intense goal and then following through with it! So of course we had to cheer her on. She was pretty hesitant because the only person I know who shies away from the spotlight more than I do is my sister. True story–we used to bicker over who had to call in a pizza order because we were both too petrified to talk to a stranger on the phone. Anyway, half marathon. I told her I was going to make a bunch of posters and shirts and mortify her because at the end of the day, I am still an obnoxious little sister…

… A little sister who made stencils of all her family members’ faces and printed them on shirts. Complete with inspiration and supportive phrases. And one large poster. They were surprisingly well received, until I pointed out that I now have stencils of all their faces. I’m pretty sure some awesome art is going to come out of those stencils…
David Cheer 071413Kyle Collage 071413Mom Cheer 071413Group Shot 071413


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