Crafting as I live and breathe

A few years ago two of my close friends* teased me about I am always doing some type of art project or another, taking the extra effort to drive their point home that I’m unusual in how much I art it up.  I won’t lie, it kind of stung when they first said (clearly, since I’ve remembered it over a the course of a few years), but the basic truth is that they’re right. I’m the friend who crafts the crap out of party decorations, who schedules art journal dates with her mom, and who hand made her sister’s wedding guest book. I am always working on some art project or craft project. At the end of the day, when David comes home and we watch tv or he plays video games, I curl up on the couch with him and pull out my art journal or a painting I’m working on. So… what do I wear for it all? An assortment of pajamas, mostly, but I do have a designated painting shirt.

Marci 6-27-13 Full1

Welcome to an unedited view of my living room. I used to have a dedicated art studio in our second bedroom, but since I’ve never been good about using it I had no qualms when one of my best friends moved into it. I have a good set up in my living room now, and by good, I definitely mean I like it even though everyone else now has to deal with watercolor water on the coffee table and scraps of paper all over the rug.

Marci 6-27-13 LeftMarci 6-27-13 Right

This shirt is my favorite thing to do crafts in, and I know I’ve shown it off in a few other posts. It’s absolutely covered in paint and glue and you can’t hardly see that unless you’re reeeeeeally looking hard. And as for my skinny jeans, I’ll admit–all of my jeans are fair game when it comes to painting. Except maybe my black ones–I try to keep those clean, but even they have some white paint marks on them.

Marci 6-27-13 Horiz

Alright so you should check out Nicole’s blog for her craftastic fashion, as well as everyone else who is participating. In two weeks check back in for what I believe is a wine tasting outfit, and have I got the dress for that!

*Two close friends who read this blog, and who should know that I love you guys a ton. And I think you’re both beautifully crafty ladies!


7 thoughts on “Crafting as I live and breathe

    • I was so stoked when I realized how beautifully the Friday Kahlo picture would fit in the frame! ❤ And thanks, I'm still super happy with my hair.

  1. I tend to take over spaces for crafting as well. I have a feeling that the day I finally get a coffee table, I am really going to be in trouble!

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