Because I really needed a new hobby

EmbroiderBobRoss Closeup

If you come over to my apartment to hang out, the sight of me working on any one of a million art projects while we chat would not be a surprise. So logically, you know, I figured it was time to take up a new hobby. When we were visiting friends in Oregon, I saw K. working on a cross stich project and immediately got sucked into the medium. In case you couldn’t tell from the closeup, my first embroidery* challenge was done on my Bob Ross painting from this night.

EmbroiderBobRoss Full

I’m definitely years away from becoming an expert for sure, but here are the resource books I’ve been using to get started

Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray was the first book I picked up and while I haven’t done any of her doodle patterns yet, she was a great book for getting started with supplies and color suggestions for threads. Annnnd I’m still super excited for 95% of the patterns in that book! Mermaids! Gnomes! Trees! Unicorns!

Little Stitches by Aneela Hoey is a book my mom is currently lending me and has a great style that helped expand how I thought about embroidery and its potential. I love the way she stitches people and am super stoked to copy that style.

Star Trek Cross Stitch by John Lohman came home with me after I tried to be responsible and say no to it, when my mom went ‘umm what how are you saying no to this??” It’s so friggin’ fabulous and I can’t wait to make presents for every Trekkie geek I know, including my mother-in-law-equivalent.

Hoopla by Leanna Prain Now, I saved this book for last because it’s the one I could talk about for the longest. This book explores the potential for embroidery far beyond samplers and custom kit cross stitch (not that there’s anything wrong with them, having plans to do both!) and this book contains amazing works of art. Better yet, it also contains some sample how-to tutorials for some of the milder stuff. This is definitely my inspiration book for where I want to take my experience with the medium.

So what do you guys think? Any embroiderers out there or cross stitch fanatics? I’d love all the tips and tricks you’ve got to offer!


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