Every tree needs a friend

1 Art Supplies

Before leaving us to travel across the whole country to the other Washington, Kels came for a visit and the three of us (we let David chill with us) had another fantastic Bob Ross adventure! It was a blast, and I can’t believe how disgustingly fun this is! We used bigger canvases this time, which I think helped a lot. We’re all developing such specific and different styles, which are showing more the second time around than the first time. Prepare for epic photo time, because I don’t know if you caught this but one of my bffs is leaving me for the other side of the country. So I took a lot of photos.

2 Group Shot Before 3 Mid Way David 4 Mid Way Kels

5 Mid Way Marci7 Pterodactyl Insert 1 8 Pterodactyl Insert 2

My blue trees really made me life, although I’m pretty sure you can’t see them in the final version. Kels’ grumpy face has a lot more to do with the fact that her hands were covered in paint and not anything to do with her painting. Also, we had to include Pterodactyl in on the action. Despite the fact that I think my sentient tattoo had no idea what was going on. Kels knew, and I guess that’s all that matters.

6 Weirdo Kels 9 Weirdo Marci

10 Art Work ComparisonThat’s how they all turned out in the end, and Bob Ross’ picture in the center. We skipped the part where he did a border, which is how one of the paintings ended up with a bit of extra white space. Can you guess which one was painted by which artist? I mean even without cheating and scrolling back up, that is. I think it’s super obvious, but only because they each reflect our personality styles. Kels churned out this amazingly quiet, open space in a forest that looks like something that belongs in a Neil Gaiman short story, even though she’s never read him. David’s piece is currently hanging up in our bedroom above his desk and we’re both pretty smitten with this bombed-out looking, dinosaur apocalypse scene. And mine is super duper crowded with bright colors and flowers everywhere, so I guess that fits me.

11 Finished David 12 Finished Kels 13 Finished Marci 14 Group Shot AfterGood luck with all your new adventures, Kels, and we can’t wait for our first Bob Ross double date via Skype!!!


7 thoughts on “Every tree needs a friend

    • Oh by all means copy it! I love the idea of little Bob Ross parties going on throughout the world. And you know, so does Bob Ross, I bet. Also, thanks. My haircut is the best decision I’ve made in months.

    • Thanks! David and I are trying to recruit our friends in the area to get in on the action now that Kels is leaving, and we’re also going to be having skype-painting-dates with her and her boyfriend!

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