Ice cream should have been a requirement

what to wearI actually was on top of my game with this week’s outfit prompt, and even scheduled an ice cream date with my sister to celebrate her finishing up with the quarter’s paralegal schooling work. This and that happened, though, and we ended up bailing on ice cream. She took some cute photos of my outfits, though, so it still worked out. Oh and if you don’t follow me on instagram or twitter, don’t be alarmed. I got a haircut.

Marci 6-11-13 ice cream


I even added in a dorky ice cream cone for you guys. Adds believability, doesn’t it? Also it’s a lie. I hated cones even before I cut out wheat, and I don’t like pink colored ice cream. Unless it’s sherbert, I guess. Ice cream dates are all about being cutesy, in my book, so I kept it playful. A thrifted Big Bird pin, a handmade taxidermied moose pin, and bright cheery colors. The skull dress was needed to balance out the kitschy, and also because it has such an ice-cream-esque silhouette, don’t cha think?Marci 6-11-13 SittingMarci 6-11-13Outfit DetailsMarci 6-11-13 Face

Be sure to check out Nicole’s blog to see her ice cream outfit, as well as everyone else who linked up this week. Oh and I know, I know–there’s been some epic radio silence on my part around here, and that’ll probably continue for a bit. Although I have a long winded feminist rant coming up as an explanation for my hair, if that sounds appealing. Stay tuned? I guess?


6 thoughts on “Ice cream should have been a requirement

  1. I am so freaking madly in love with you hair. I have always ALWAYS wanted to shave mine off. I almost did in Grade 12 right before my graduation, but went with a spiky style instead. That was still pretty drastic, but not quite as soft and cute as a shaved head. You’re rockin’ it.

    Also, I totally dig this outfit. You always pair things so well. You’re a rock star!

  2. For sure I’ll stay tuned! Can’t wait for the rant, and I think the hair is cute!
    Liking the outfit too, and your ice cream cone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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