You know that moment when you’re on vacation?

And, while you realized you forgot to pack essentials like an additional outfit, your toothbrush, conditioner, etc, your body takes a little bit of time figuring it out? Well, the moment my brain ran out of actual outfits and my hair realized it hadn’t been getting it’s normal product and was feeling abandoned over lack of styling, that’s the moment when I managed to get an outfit photo taken.

Marci 5-26-13Outfit Details


Eh, fuck it. You guys get to see my off days all the time, I just don’t tend to announce them so majestically in the beginning of posts. This was one our last full day in Salem, where we had to follow through on one of my mini traditions. I love stopping by the Book Bin and shopping their clearance (they always have the best selections!) I think David underestimated the power this store would hold over me when he took me there three years ago on our first trip to Salem, but I seriously ask to work it in every time we’re in town. Call me cheap, but there’s something about not paying sales tax that just gets me really excited (politics aside, because honestly there’s a lot about not paying into such a regressive tax that hurts the poor the hardest). Ahem anyway, books! So many books!

Marci 5-26-13 BooksMarci 5-26-13 SidewaysMarci 5-26-13 Top

This outfit was definitely a hodpodge mess of mixing from a couple other planned outfits. I forgot to pack a sweater which is an all new level of fail. It might sound silly, especially since it was so warm out and I remembered a denim jacket, but sweaters are definitely my security blanket. I feel like you guys get the mild version of what my arms look like sans-sweater, although my in-real-life peeps say they aren’t that noticeably. Whatever, they’re probably just too distracted starting at my awesome pterodactyl, amiright?

Marci & David 5-26-13

Oh look! A mushball photo!


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