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A large bottle of water, a comfy hoody and some ibprofen because somebody is sporting a bit of a hangover. Totally worth it, though, to get David into the Big City as we watched one of our awesome college friends sing for his supper. Or, at least, for his place to be a contender in Seattle’s Gay Idol. Dude has some pipes, and you should all be a little disappointed you didn’t hear him dominate that stage with Bridge Over Troubled Water. Goosebumps.

Lyra with her toys


Lyra would like to introduce you to her toys. There’s Whale, Lampchop and Chewy. Chewy likes to come on adventures with us outside for fetch and tug of war, but Whale an Lampchop need to stay inside. On a chair or her bed, preferably. It’s seriously the funniest thing–she treats them like a tender hearted toddler would treat her dolls. If we squeak them, she gingerly takes them out of our hands and whimpers, sets them on the bed and gives them a couple kisses. Lampchop seems to be getting a thicker skin, though, since she’s starting to be okay playing fetch with her. Few things are more precious than watching her trot out of the bedroom in the morning with a sleepy face and Lampchop in her mouth.

In other world news, I feel like the internet has been exploding with really great things to read lately. This is what I’ve been recirculating in my personal internet realm

Avatar helps schizophrenics stand up to voices in head

The ultimate spacheship face off

I want to play this game soooo bad and I have David convinced as well

I doubt there are any anti-feminists who read here, but this article was a great reminder, I guess, of avoiding the tired tropes when writing. And reading, for that matter.

It’s embarassing to admit, but I don’t even need to rewatch the series to have each Buffy episode play out in my head while I read her hilarious recaps. Although I would make a strong argument that the overarching show isn’t as sexist as she posits. A bit, yes, but not to the extent that she seems bent on proving. But that just might be the overly loyal fangirl in me.

David and I are embarassed to admit that we both secretly want to play this creepy ass game.

It might not change the world or even the television series, but this article makes an excellent point about Doctor Who’s nature and potential.


And now it’s your turn, people–what else should I be reading on the internets?


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