Parking Lot Power Hour

what to wear


Marci 5-30-13Full

This week’s fashion link up was themed Power Outfit. Which seemed to (rightfully) baffle most of us. If I think my “business suit” power-hour attire, it’d be a lot more like a messy painting smock and short shorts. In fact, that’s almost what I picked for today’s outfit, except I actually did have to dress up for a mini-pre-interview (one that I’m really not holding my breath on. Pretty sure it was an utter fail). My mom snapped these shots as I was leaving the car.

Marci 5-30-13 Top


You can see what all the other ladies wore by visiting our gorgeous host, Nicole, and checking out the link up! Oh and if you want to join in, two weeks from now we’re going to be showing off our ice cream date outfits. Guess that might mean I have to drag my sister along to our favorite fro-yo place…


5 thoughts on “Parking Lot Power Hour

  1. I am in mad love with the colour of that blazer. So beautiful. I’m sure your interview went better than you thought. I always leave interviews feeling poopy and most jobs I’ve interviewed for, I’ve gotten the job. I’m sure you were super impressive.

  2. A mint blazer?? Yes. I totally bought a couple of blazers at Charlotte Russe recently for interviewing- too funny. I didn’t even wear one to my most recent because it’s just too dang hot in PHX already. I agree- I love how we all were kinda stumped but put a unique spin on it 🙂

  3. Cuuute outfit! That second photo is adorbs! Oh & I hate interviews so much!! I hope it went okay; at least it’s practice for the future if nothing else, right?!

  4. You can tell I had some party years because I expected you to be doing shots in one of these photos. POWER HOUR!

    I’m sorry your interview didn’t go as planned. I’m sure you were much more charming than you give yourself credit for, though!

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