Busy hands keep the devil at bay

Flower Jar

LuckyPeach I4Sum’12

The devil in this case being boredom. I’ve always been one of those people, even as a little kid, who takes a full backpack with me where ever I go. Book, check. Notebook, check. Sketchbook, check. Headphones, check. Pencil case full of art supplies, check. One time my mom and I went to the grocery store and she convinced me that I didn’t need to bring a book, and then we ended up waiting almost an hour in the parking lot to hear back from my sister who needed a ride. Lesson learned–books come with me everywhere. Similar behaviors whenever David and I watch something on tv. Unless it’s something I’ve actively been jonesing to watch, odds are I’ll be sitting sideways on the couch with an art project in my lap. The best projects are one that don’t require too much brain energy, but a lot of busy work.

I’ve been cutting out a bunch of random people photos in magazines and turning them into these little tiny mini-masterpieces. If you enjoy, there are more on my tumblr.



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