I Have A Fear of White Fabric

what to wearMarci 5-16-13 1


So I’ve been this horrible combination of super busy and over extended and sick all week, and I legitimately forgot it was Thursday. Right. Back to the prompt–spring dresses–I have a fear of white fabric. I’m mostly sure I’ve written about how I don’t believe in ever getting married and will never wear a white wedding dress. No? Maybe touched on, at least? Anyway, my fear of white fabric is way less esoteric than that. The truth is I’m super clumsy and spill drinks often. Seriously, get David started on a why I need lids to my drinks and he’ll talk for the rest of the day. But when I found this dress at Value Village I literally could not resist. You can’t tell but it’s actualy pretty old, made of linen, with a full silk liner. And appliqué white linen flowers. Love.

Marci 5-16-13 3Marci 5-16-13 2


Oh these photos are in black and white because I thought that would best accent the whiteness of my dress. Yes? No? Too much? Okay so they turned out super blue since my camera’s white balance wasn’t manually readjusted for outdoors. This was the only way I could save them. David spends way too much time trying to get dorky faces out of me during our photoshoots, and I’ve learned the best way to deal with it is make the grossest, weirdest faces I can make. Welcome to the madness of our lives…?Marci 5-16-13 4


9 thoughts on “I Have A Fear of White Fabric

  1. I share your fear of wearing white – I’m a huge mess, I really do spill stuff all over my clothes all the time – but this looks great on you! And I like the black and white photos too.

  2. I love the silly faces. Too many fashion bloggers think theyre serious runway models or something. Also while I love white clothing, I spill food on myself at least once a day. I usually carry a stain remover with me at all times.

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