And down the rabbit hole we go!

I promise this space isn’t going to turn into a food blog, or a healthy-eating blog. After all, how can it, when I forget to eat most days but still have ice cream on like a daily basis? That being said, a few tips and tricks I figure out may sneak into the blog on occasion. Up first? A recipe book that led me to amazing gluten free, egg free, blueberry muffins.

GFEF Muffin

In the world of food allergies, it’s basically impossible to find a cookbook that fits perfectly, particularly if you’re trying to avoid more than one food. I looked at one gluten free, vegan recipe book but the whole thing was written so pretentiously it was off putting. My mom and I spent a couple hours at a bookstore, pouring through and comparing all the different gluten free and vegan cookbooks we could find. In the end I stuck with gluten free-based books, since taking egg out is really simple once you know how to. For the record, I don’t actually know how to. I just know it exists is all.

GFEF Cookbook

So finding this book was basically like finding the jackpot. It’s gluten free, yes, and it also tells you the best way to mix your own all-purpose flour. The reason it instantly founds a play on the top of my take-home pile was that at the end of the first recipe I looked at, the muffins, it had a segment for how to take the diary out, and how to take the egg out. So it’s a super adaptable cookbook–my favorite kind!

GFEF Cooling Rack

I didn’t actually cook them in this, I just don’t own a cooling rack. Shameful, I know, but for the record, I’m one of the most anti-baking and anti-cooking ladies you’ll meet. 


4 thoughts on “And down the rabbit hole we go!

    • They could use a little sugar–the recipe only called for honey–but other than that they tasted really great! I let David have one and he had to stop himself from eating all of them. Which is good, because that would definitely incur my wrath.

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