Origin Story Time

Hey readers–I figure you don’t want to hear my rant for the next couple hundred words about shitty dog owners and obnoxious people, so let’s take a detour back to the beginnings of this blog.

*Oh that awkwardly extended pause after I mention my dad? Him and I are on good terms too, but for several reasons I just choose to not talk about him on the blog.


6 thoughts on “Origin Story Time

  1. I’m currently alone at a table in a little Italian lunch spot, on my break from work, and as I usually do, I read through blogs while I eat. I’ll be honest, I pulled out my headphones to watch this video for two reasons, both I’m not sure are entirely “good” – to put a voice to the blogger (I guess that’s okay) , and to experience that awkward dad moment (my relationship with my father is… Complicated as well) . Instead, I had a pretty poem read to me by a pretty girl, and I feel both unworthy and lucky.

    Sorry if this comment is awkward, I’m typing it on my phone and it’s always harder to complete a detailed thought that way… But I thought context was important to emphasize the sentiment. Thanks for sharing, and I think you’re swell.

    • Aww, I’ll be sure to respond to your comment the moment I get past the fact that I was worthy of headphones πŸ˜‰ Seriously though a big part of why I made this post a video instead of typing is I totally get the unsettling fascination with wanting to know what bloggers sound like IRL, so I figured I’d put this out there to let anyone curious satisfy that itch. And it’s disappointing, I know, but when I made the dad/book reference I realized how awkward it made everything sound, but it was like my fifth take and I really didn’t want to try to do another one. Hope your lunchbreak was nice and relaxing!

    • Thanks! I’m amazed at how clean I’ve managed to keep that room since my big overhaul πŸ™‚ Oh that reminds me–I still have your paintbrushes! I keep kicking myself over my inability to remember to give them back! I’ll try and have David take them in to work tomorrow…

  2. Good Poems is my *favorite* poetry anthology. (Let’s be honest… in large part because of that amazing, Spock-like photo of Garrison Keillor on the back flap.)

    But anyway, thanks for reading! Not enough folks read out loud to me these days; it makes me miss elementary school and story time. πŸ™‚

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