Lets look at a bunch of flowers, eh?


I scrolled through my blog and it’s just so very full of words. So let’s keep it easy for this Monday and stick with a photo dump. The trip to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC was a birthday present from my dad & stepmom. David and I had a great time and every time I go to Canada I become more and more convinced I want to move there. And the look on the bartender’s face when we told him we were not, in fact, locals was priceless. He would have bet the contents of his wallet that we were. Must be a northwest thing.

BGardens1 BGardens3







9 thoughts on “Lets look at a bunch of flowers, eh?

  1. Canada IS pretty awesome, but I’m biased. πŸ™‚ I miss Victoria; it’s such a lovely place to visit and I keep wanting to go back (I’ve been there thrice). (Also, how often does one get the great opportunity to use the word thrice?)

    You’re quite the photographer, ma’am! Captured the beauty perfectly. Also, is it weird that in the clover picture I automatically tried to find a four-leaf one? I got some pointers during my trip to “Dublin” for St. Patrick’s Day, and now I can’t help but put them to use anytime I happen upon a field of clover. Which is pretty often ’round these here parts.

    • Oh man what are your pointers!? Because I’ll admit–that’s exactly why I took the photo. There’s a ton of clover patches that grow where I walk Lyra on a daily basis and I’m always looking for one.

  2. You’re tearing out my heart. I haven’t been to Buchart Gardens since I was a kid. I remember adoring it, though. I think I might still have a key chain from my visit. My hometown is five hours north of Victoria. I miss the Island like crazy!!

  3. wow. the photos are just gorgeous! really beautiful and serene. I have family in Canada and would also love to live there again but it’s just too cold for me (Toronto). LOL! Never been to BC though, maybe it’s warmer there?

    • Apparently Victoria is the number one place for retiring Canadians, since its gets no snowfall? The weather is super mild and nice since it’s right off the sound, which is how they can have such amazing botany exhibits.

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