A boring day in the life

I spend the day at home, alone but for a dog. Well, two at the current moment. I always fall asleep with the intention of waking up with David–usually after he gets out of the shower and turns on the closet light–but every so often I’ll throw a blanket over my face instead and fall back asleep. My dog rocks because she’ll snooze right alongside me–if she’s really impatient, I’ll let her up on the bed and that always buys another hour. It would buy more, but I always end up waking up no more than an hour after David gets in his car for work. It’s like clockwork, I swear, and it makes me feel bad for sleeping in. After all, what’s an hour of extra sleep when compared to a cozy morning with my favorite fella?

It’s finally the time of year where daylight is streaming in from my balcony windows, so I keep the lights off and read with my back to the outside. Right now it’s Leviathan Wakes, a creepy political sci fi book. This is after I walk the dogs, of course, so I’m already in skinny jeans, a sports bra, graphic print tee and chunky sweater. I’m such a fashion statement on my days off…. I read until I realize I’m tracking my page count more than the plot, and force myself to put the book down. At this point the clocks reads somewhere around 9:30, and David sends me a good morning text. I never text before 9:30, more out of habit than as a rule, which means he thinks I sleep in till then. Unless it’s a really bad day for my mood swings, we won’t talk again until somewhere around his lunch break, usually around 1:00. More often than not I won’t tune into the time until 2:30, so it’ll take him a bit to respond.

9:30 is the time I pay attention to my laptop, and wonder what on earth I can scrounge up for a blog post. It never crosses my mind to quit blogging, but damn I am always last minute about posts. It’s also the time when I turn on the tv, and put whatever television show I’m working my way through on as background noise. I think it’s a bad habit that I should stop, so sometimes I’ll put on Pandora instead. Internet radio works better if I’m painting, though, and doesn’t get me in the same productive mood for internet things. Netflix is a much better counterpart, although I’m definitely getting to that point in my stay-at-home routine where finding things I want to watch is starting to escape me.

Right now I’m typing this in 750words which is still my favorite typing journal (although don’t for a minute think it’s replaced my handwritten journal). In the background is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Ringer. I watch it almost grudgingly, thinking all the while that I would enjoy it so much more if Joss Whedon had written it. Mostly because if Joss Whedon had written it, it would look a lot more like Angel than Gossip Girl.


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