The Accidental Redhead

I decided in a fit of boredom and frustration that my hair needed to be one solid color. Either brown or pink, I didn’t care–I was just so tired of the awkward forced bang situation going on with my face. Bleck. I put it to the vote, and David voted brown (yes–my polling was limited to one person this time), so brown it was. I might be the absolute laziest person when it comes to this whole process, but I just layered that box dye on my head and let it sit for half an hour. The result? Well…Marci 4-9-13 Face

So I’m an accidental redhead for now, apparently. It’s a cute color, but it’s only where my hair was pink. So a full view looks a little awkward. *shrug. Live and let live, eh? I know this will probably shock you guys, but I’m not actually that attached to how my hair looks. I’m mostly just looking forward to it growing out enough for a ponytail. Or even just frenchbraids.

Marci 4-9-13 1

Oh this denim shirt is exactly what my wardrobe wanted (although I’m sure many a fashionista will roll their eyes while thinking “but exactly what your wardrobe didn’t need”). Value Village to the rescue, amiright? Seriously though it was fun reclaiming my black pants–previously a basic staple in my work wardrobe.

Marci 4-9-13 Full

Sweater & Pants: Kohls | Shirt: Value Village | Shoes: Marshalls | Necklaces: Heart-c/o David, Bike-c/o my mom from Lisa Leonards

I decided this outfit is what a type designer would wear. Basic, simple staples but with a cohesive element. All clothing is just costume, after all, so I even doubled up on my necklaces to make a fun statement. Oh and the best accessory? Definitely that muddy paw print on my pants… We took these photos at a new dog park, and I’ll be sharing those photos later this week.
Marci 4-9-13 2

And that’s all this accidental redhead has for now. See you guys tomorrow.


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