Irony is…

… finding out you don’t have a job on the same day you post What to Wear to Work on your blog…

If you’re shocked, or surprised, don’t be. The writing was on the wall for a while–the company was going through bankruptcy, and all week I’ve been babysitting one of the studios I work at as it was packed up and closed. Everyone (= other studios, their managers, and the district manager) knew that this particular studio was closing, but felt confident their studios weren’t. After getting home from a boring Wednesday doing absolutely nothing productive at the studio, I missed two calls from one of the managers. I am notorious for not being good about answering my phone (hey, if I’m not being paid to work, I really don’t work) but I checked my voicemail while David and I were carpooling to work Thursday morning. It was the manager, letting me know that all the studios were closed and that I don’t need to come in any more. Ever.


Did you hear that? Because that was the sound of a pin dropping. For the record, I hold absolutely nothing against my manager, or even the district manager. I can, however, go on a long-winded rant about the inappropriateness of a company who requires two weeks notice from an employee but can’t even give 24 hours notice to those same employees. Nice work, guys. Nice work.

The details of personal finances aside, I’m fine. David and I are fine. I’ll find work–I’ve already got a couple strong leads. I’m just going to be pissy for a little bit. In the mean time…

Anyone need a professionally trained photographer? I’m great with kids…


6 thoughts on “Irony is…

    • You’re going to feel really awkward if I do actually pick up and move out to Pittsburgh, but I’m constantly trying to convince David to pick up and move to a random new location!

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