What to Wear to Work!

Before we get started, I want to let you guys know that I am an amazingly blessed and spoiled lady who receieved a Wacom Tablet for her birthday, and I’ve been a little obsessed with it. So don’t be alarmed when my outfit record isn’t quite what it used to be…

what to wear

Alright, so thanks to everyone who’s joining in on the What to Wear action! This week it’s What to Wear to Work and if you’re new here, let me just say that I gripe way more than could possibly be considered interesting about my work’s dress policy ofย pure black and white. I guess somehow that became the stereotype of what photographers wear? (Have I mentioned I’m a studio photographer?) Anyway, while I think it’s the most boring restriction ever, it has led to me to explore a lot more with silhouettes and shapes, which I previously only ever considered in passing as I threw on the brightest and boldest pieces from my closet.

WtW to Work

I’veย finally managed to pinpoint my ideal work silhouettes, depending on what my mood is. This first look is my go-to girly-but-bike-friendly outfit, the best version of a Little Black Dress outfit that my closet is capable of concocting. A jersey-knit dress (Old Navy) is comfortable and cute, and the weight of the fabric lets me feel comfortable bending and moving around little kids. The flats (Marshalls) are comfortable enough to stand and walk around in all day, and the studded toes keep them interesting. I’m supposed to hide my tattoos at work, and if that wasn’t enough of an incentive I like to hide my scars when working around kids and the occasional judgy parent, so I have a cozy sweater (Kohls) that I bling out in my pins and flower brooches–the little bit of color I sneak into the ‘uniform’. Since the whole outfit has a sweet and girly feel, I like wearing a simple and delicate charm necklace (Lisa Leonards) that my mom gifted to me for my birthday.

WtW to Work 2

This is my second-favorite silhouette, and what I wore to work the day I typed this up (Wednesday because I’m kind of a slacker). I love this pencil skirt (H&M) and I’ll admit unabashedly that I have three total. The one pictured above, one in mustard, and another black one with a white bird pattern. It’s amazing, super easy to bike in, and comfortable as all get out. I layer it with some cable knit tights (Kohls, and I don’t recommend them. Weird fit) to keep me decent while biking, slouchy boots (Fred Meyers), and a slouchy white tee (Old Navy). Strong arguments have been made that all my necklaces are statement necklaces, but this deer one is my favorite and it usually gets a good response from kiddos. Theย blue sweater is perfect to disguise my ‘uniform’ while I’m on my lunch, although I’ll admit that sometimes I’m sneaky and wear it while I’m at work.

WtW to Work 3

The third and final outfit–is actually so boring I fell asleep while drawing it. Okay, not really, but seriously. Black skinny jeans (Kohls) with a black polo (Sears). It’s the most boring thing I’ve ever worn, but I will admit–some days it’s just the only thing that works. I fell in love with metallic flats (Payless) after Kels would not stop about how much she loved her own pair. They’re pretty much the best, and this is an outfit that I swap out necklaces for pins (misc gifts).

Well that’s really it for my work silhouettes, but be sure to go visit Nicole at Gypsy in Jasper and check out all the other fantastic ladies who are participating in What to Wear: to Work! And if you want to link up with us next time, in two Thursdays on the eighteenth, we’re doing What to Wear: while Exercising so you should join in!


15 thoughts on “What to Wear to Work!

    • Oh I definitely did! If you look closely, you’ll see all my black and white clothes come from mostly the same three places, and it’s those three places that I shopped at to get a black and white wardrobe!

  1. I love how you mixed it up! really creative and cute!
    I don’t know how you do it, I don’t think I could wear black and white only every day but these are some really cute outfits!

  2. This is cool, and it looks like you’re doing a great job of being creative within a pretty limited colour palate. I like that you focus on interesting silhouettes since you can’t really mess around with colour.

  3. I like this creative spin on what to wear! Wearing all black must be hard for a color lover like you. I worked in a restaurant like that for a couple years and it was super hard for me. It took me years to even wear a little black without seeing it as a uniform ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The worst part is that it’s bleeding into my normal daily wardrobe–I keep picking mostly black and white outfits with small pops of color. It’s *gasp* making me normal! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, kind of..

  4. Love this! I’ve always wondered what I’d wear to work with a dress code like that — usually when I’m sitting at a hair salon looking at everyone in their black outfits. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. I’m amazed that you were able to sketch all that out faster than taking pictures would’ve taken! You’re one talented woman! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I found that I started to fall into a fashion rut when it came to working at the job we worked at together. The several months I was silhouette-conscious, like you, but then I just didn’t care and just reached for whatever was black, white, and clean. Then my mother bought me tons of black and white stuff that I was too nice to have her return, but didn’t really fit me well, and those became constant rotation in my wardrobe, much to my fashion detriment.

    The next job that I worked at with a black and white uniform policy, I made it a point to only wear things that looked good on me. It really is an interesting exercise for those who love color, isn’t it?

    Also, that sketch of you snoozing is adorable.

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