What I read in March

Ugggh I’d be lying if I tried to pretend that I didn’t spend the last week furiously reading my books to try and finish something anything before having to write this post, but no such luck. If you don’t count the ten Animorph books (and I don’t, since they take me twenty minutes to read), I’ve only finished 1 book. *le sigh.  I have 80 pages left in Vang Gogh’s biography, I’m 450 ish pages into The Executioner’s Song and 30 pages into Sybil Exposed, but now I’ve gone and given away my April recap before the month even had a chance to start…


Blindness, Jose´ Saramago
I picked this book up on a whim, which isn’t at all uncommon for me. I’m afraid of reading books that I dont’ think will be good, though, so I avoid Booker Prize books (oh snap) and pick based on the author that wrote an introduction, if the book won a Nobel Prize or a Pulizter or something. Or if the cover is designed really well, I guess. Anyway, this one apparently won the 1998 Novel Prize for Literature. This book was a bit of a trip to read, but in a good way. The entire city is infected with a blindness plague, and his writing style fits perfectly with the essence of the story. Long, run-on ‘dreamy’ sentences and conversations with no quotation marks all build up the disorienting experience of being surrounded and engulfed by unexpected blindness. It has a very dark, post-apocalypse style approach to the humanity and experiences which made it a little tough to read. Very worthwhile, though. I want to check out the sequel now!


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