Quarter Century


I have one  amazing life partner

two tattoos grace my arm

I have three adorable pets

last night, four amazing people celebrated my existence with me

my collection of glasses has grown to five

there are six beautiful pink flower blossoms on my kitchen table

yesterday David and I bought seven  books (most were thrifted for $1)

there are eight elephants in my bedroom

there are nine slices of cake in my kitchen

I have ten toenails that need painted for spring

there are eleven television shows on our shelves

I’ve grown up having a total of twelve dogs and cats

I’ve spent thirteen minutes trying to think of a prompt for this one

my apartment has fourteen blankets

there are fifteen pieces of art in my living space

in my closet are sixteen sweaters

I own seventeen pairs of shoes

only eighteen episodes of Dollhouse left for me to rewatch!

I have nineteen books on my to-read list

I have (about) twenty songs memorized from start to finish (lyrics only)

there are twenty-one Animorph books on my shelf

my drawer has twenty-three skirts folded away in my drawer 

only twenty-four of the Recently Watched on Netflix are my picks

this took quite a bit more than twenty-five minutes to write!

PS No my family didn’t screw up my cake–I use my middle name for my blogging name and a college nickname. They all call me by some variations of my real name, except for David. To David I will always be Marci


4 thoughts on “Quarter Century

  1. makes sense now. 🙂 I wasn’t sure when I saw it on instagram if birthday wishes were to be given or not, but sounds like you had a happy one indeed!

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