It sounds like the start of horror movie

I spent the weekend camping in the woods with some friends and even more strangers. Sounds like the potential beginning of a horror movie, I know, and trust me–there were times where it felt like the beginning of a horror movie. Like the late night walk down the road to the beach. But, as it turns out, we all survived unscathed. Even that moment where I stood outside the bathroom waiting for a few minutes after talking in-depth about The Walking Dead. Never have I been so sure that a zombie was about to nom my arm.

Campign 3Camping 3-5

The original purpose of the trip was to celebrate a very good friends’ five year wedding anniversary, but since that is not really my story to tell I’ll stick with one of the smaller take aways I gleaned from this trip. Mostly, that this was the trip where David and I transformed into adults. I feel like there’s always this feeling that everyone else is an adult, and you’re just pretending, and David and I are no exception to the rule. We look at our lives, and we look at the lives of those around us, and we feel like kids playing at being adults.

Camping crab Camping David

As I said, a lot of the people I spent the weekend with were complete strangers to me, or at most I had seen them a couple times over the span of three, four years. Additionally, the age span spread across five decades, with people falling evenly along the spread. Either because of that or in spite of, I’m not sure which, age really wasn’t a factor in the trip at all. I made friends with just about everyone there and it was a really great experience. Oh and so did David–he had an amazing jam session with an accordion player, which pretty made rocked his world. The entire trip was a ton of fun.

Camping 1 Camping 2

There was one youngin’ there, though, somewhere in his early teens, and it was his presence that drove home the “holy crap we’re adults now”. I watched him sitting around the fire, listening to all of our gabbing, and all we did was drink beer and make stupid jokes and crack puns. David said it best–he remembers being that kid, that poor bored kid, watching all the grownups drink beer and sit around, and he remembers thinking “damn, grownups are so boring!”

Campfire CollageCampfire 1

After a couple beers, some good food, and a raunchy game of Cards Against Humanity I’m feeling pretty solid on my decision–being an adult is fun, and a lot like being a kid, only with more freedom. And booze. And curse words.


2 thoughts on “It sounds like the start of horror movie

  1. Although I hate getting older, I don’t for a second hate being a grown-up. The freedom of making your own choices and follow your own path is more than enough to make me want to be an adult for ever and ever!

    Lovely photos.

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