My head is full of words but no phrases

currently header

reading: ten million books, it feels like, includingMailer’s The Executioner’s Song, a biography of Vincent Van Gogh, an ‘expose’ on Sybil, and a freshly-started book on green energy.

listening: to the sounds of Capcom Arcade Cabinet games on the PS3. David stayed home after throwing his back out, so video game noises fill the room. Also Lyra snoring. She was so excited see us when we picked her up after the weekend. It was adorable and a relief.

thinking: about what the rest of the week needs to look like, and how I’ll fit in all my plans. There are a few art projects that I haven’t made time for but really want to, especially before I have company on Sunday.

feeling: like an adult after spending the weekend camping in the woods with some new friends. The ages ranged from 23 to 63 and literally everywhere in between (literally being at least two people in each decade set). There was also a preteen? Teenager? there and it was the first time David and I felt solidly on the other side–we were definitely on the grown up side, making stupid jokes and drinking beer and being the adults that we have memories of not understanding when we were that age.

excited: for my tattoo! I’m actually planning on writing a whole post on it, and I’ll warn you in advance–it’s going to be deep and fairly personal. But suffice it to say, at least for now, I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED TO GET THIS TATTOO. Even more excited than getting my last tattoo.



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