What to Wear: Flower Power!

what to wear

Okay so actually the prompt was a much more demure “florals”, but really–flower power sounds way better. Although I’ll admit my outfit doesn’t deserve that exciting of a tag. To be perfectly honest, this is not what I wore on the first day of spring. Rather, I wore leggings and David’s german beer shirt as I did some unintended but very excessive spring cleaning. As in, I moved every single piece of furniture in the bedroom, save the smallest. And half the furniture in the living room. By myself. (Oh my poor poor back). Yes, mom, that means I did 90% of the work I was asking you to help with for next Wednesday, but don’t worry. I’ll still require a bit of assistance on Wednesday*.

Marci 3-21-13 Full

Shirt Sweater & Dress: Thrifted | Shoes: Payless | Tights: belle

Florals have to be my favorite pattern, in that it is the easiest pattern in my closet for me to play around with. I felt like challenging myself for that five minute window where I walked outside in grown up clothes, so I looked at the metaphorical “back” of my closet. Guys, these clothes go back, like,Β a whole year. Gasp, I know. Okay but seriously these are the clothes that I love, but have no clue how to wear. I noticed that the tiny flowers on the top were more of a lavender color than I had previously realized, which of course means purple floral dress.

floral collage

Am I overdoing it on the collages? It’s okay, guys, saying yes won’t hurt my feelings. Mostly because even if every singly commenter says yes, I probably still won’t stop. Just like I won’t stop reading Animorphs. Horrible seque, yes, but if you want to read a worse one check out this comic. So, see, it could be worse. But as I was saying–finding Animorphs in thrift shops and used bookstores is my most favorite thing to find ever. I think I’ve worked my way through at least a third of the series, maybe even half, this way. It’s really making me want to read the Everworld series. I remember when I was a kid I started to, and my mom immediately swooped in like an overprotective bird “I don’t like you reading these, I think they’re a little grown up”. She lets me do my own thing, though, and probably recieved immense satisfaction in her parenting when two books later I put the series down. “I think this is too grown up for me,” I told her. And then started reading Stephen King. (Well, you can’t win them all.)

Marci 3-21-13 Top Half

If you’re interested in joining out little link up, definitely email me or anyone else participating. Marci.LikeASmallFire at Gmail dot Com. You know what? Go ahead and email me regardless. It’s exciting and I love finding non-junk in my inbox. Our next one is in two weeks and we’re doing what to wear to work. Expect a lot of black from me on that one, but I’ve been working on perfectly my work silhouette! It’s exciting an only took a $12 dress from Old Navy. I know, I leave you with so much suspense.

*Yes, my mom reads my blog. Which I love. My aunt and uncle do, as well, which I think is splendid. Hi guys!


17 thoughts on “What to Wear: Flower Power!

  1. I love how adventurous you are, wearing two floral prints. I wouldn’t have attempted that, not that I own much floral to play around with in the first place.

    My parents read my blog, too. In fact, my dad is my editor. He’ll email me or call me when he finds a comma out of place or the wrong use of a word or a typo. Yup. That happens.

    • That’s so cool! My mom always asks me if I want her to tell me about typos she’s sees and I always respond with a “good god yes!” but then she never does. She doesn’t want to hurt my feelings, I suppose. She definitely gives great insight, and her, my sister, and David all read over/edited The Allegory before I posted it.

  2. I like how all your colors flow together so nicely; everything compliments each other so well, from your hair to your tights and glasses, the whole shabang! very nice. and I like the collages, but then I use them a lot too, so who am I to say?

  3. Love lavender color! An our parents read our blog, too. Although, my parents mostly look at the photos and then when we skype they ask me what happened here and there because it’s all in English πŸ™‚

  4. Hahaha! My family reads my blog too, and I love it!

    I’m going to have to be paying attention when you guys do what to wear to work! I seriously would prefer to be in jeans and a t-shirt, like… every day of the week.

    • It’s definitely my opinion that bloggers who write with an understanding that real people (ie their families) read the blog tend to write much better and more interesting content. Don’t get too excited about my work outfit; my photographer uniform is 100% black clothing and it’s pretty boring.

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