The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

A few nights ago I got the best text ever from Kels that basically asked how I felt about using up some of her canvases on a Bob Ross adventure. Words can not accurately describe the enthusiasm with which I said yes. So much win. I also don’t know how to express how lucky I am that I have amazing friends who send me texts like that!

Bob Ross Painting 1 collage

Painting with Bob Ross is one of my favorite PBS shows ever. I have this perfect memory of my sister, BIL, David and I after my dad’s wedding a few years back, watching Bob Ross. It had been a super stressful day (as weddings tend to be) and we all just decompressed in the hotel room by watching Bob Ross. I was the only one who had apparently remembered this show, and it held up magnificently to my childhood memories.

Bob Ross Midway Collage

The only hang up was that I don’t have the color paints Bob Ross was using. Our palette was a little… bolder. I love how everything turned out, and think it looked great that we all had such different visions and approaches!

Finished Marci 1

I couldn’t pull off a hipster face–too excited about my picture! I’m also so stoked to finish painting white around the border and filling that in with other details, more in line with my usual style.

Finished Kels 1

“What face does an artist make?” “A hipster face, duh!”

Finished David 1

Hands down my all-time new favorite picture of David. This might get printed out and framed for the wall


Oh and PS, I’m totally using Sarah from SillyGrrl‘s photo collage templates. I’m in love with them. 


13 thoughts on “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

  1. This is the best!!!!! I am going to see if Ian’s up for this one day. He will totally outshine me with his amazing art skills, but I’m sure it will be a heck of a lot of fun.

    You guys are the cutest.

  2. Awesumm :3 Fun read and I really like David’s facial expression! haha 😀 And your tree is all shiny and stuffs like its glistening in the sun 🙂
    I enjoy the picture Kels did, it looks like one of my earlier Bob Ross style painting attempts, so i see the potential (I haven’t been painting for *that* long), so definitely keep practicing on that! ITS A GREAT IDEA!!! YOU CAN DO IT, It’ll work for you 😀

      • Pish posh! No really! I can see you do… but if that doesn’t convince you… Let me quote Bob Ross himself 😀 – “Talent is nothing more than a pursued interest” BAM, hope that inspires you to continue making some wonderful pictures 🙂 If you’re having fun doing them, keep bloody doing it!! =D Thanks 🙂

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