The Gargoyle Memoirs #3

the gargoyle memoirs1

The mortals have been heard claiming to have had a fabulous weekend, although you won’t hear any voice of support from my end of it. It would appear that in light of their excitement for their plans, allowing me to accompany them was a bit of an oversight. I spent the weekend, including a particularly lonely Saturday, from my usual position overlooking the apartment premises. They did of course leave the dog with me on Saturday, so I had that creature’s somewhat pitiful mutterings to provide me with the appropriate background music to accompany my ever-wearying musings.

Their weekend didn’t look particularly exciting to me–all they did was cook, clean, and wiggle those plastic handles attached to wires around. The ones that connect to the television. I was bored enough to chance a sneak peek at the television, and it’s like their primitive hobbies have degenerated into a mess of 8-bit pixelation that even I found surprising. Why would they trade in their vices, currently which are elaborate and plot driven, for a game that I believe was called Pitfall 2. Hopping over frogs? Timing their jumps onto ladders? That’s what the humans have degenerated to?

It is clear that despite a full year in the company of these mortals, I have yet to understand their ways. Perhaps I’ll consider stretching out my study of them for another few months before taking my leave.


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