The Gargoyle Memoirs #3

the gargoyle memoirs1They brought a dog into this place, a place that was at some point a sanctuary. Any concern I had that I would be reduced to a chew toy has been eased.

 The mortals continue to baffle me with their irrational behaviors. I stare at them from my new spot above their television and watch them wear those ridiculous glasses. The male seems particularly keep on wearing them constantly while engaged with the television. That is a lot of effort to create three dimensional images when actual dimensions surround them. At leas the canine is baffled by their glasses as well. The female proves entertaining, since she frequently takes her glasses off to focus on an art project. I glance her constantly looking up at the television and squinting in confusion before she remembers to don the strange spectacles again.

 My new vantage point serves me well, I’ll admit. The additional two feet of heigh is enough to allow me eyes throughout the entire landscape of the apartment. There’s a new cutting board on the counter, I see. I always did wonder how they managed with a little 6″x6″ board.


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