Cat Ladies of the Internet, Meet My Dog

Lyra 1

Internet, this is Lyra. She is my dog.

Not only is she my dog, but she’s one of the best dogs who ever roamed the planet. She’s lazy as all get out, sleeps most of the time, almost never barks and  requires copious amounts of affection. Don’t worry, she’ll help remind you to pet her on a regular basis by bumping your palm gently with her wet doggy nose.

Like I said, she’s the best. And when I say she’s mine, I mean she’s all mine. I’ve had her since she was born. We adopted her mom from a shelter when I was in high school and fostered all eight puppies before finding them homes. It was a crazy wonderful way to spend my last quarter of high school! Syndey is a complete mutt who spent one afternoon in the backyard with her former owner’s purebred boxer, so the puppies were like this mystery grab bag. One looks exactly like a St Bernard, in my opinion, two looked exactly like Sydney, one looked like a boxer, two looked like pit bulls, and then Lyra and Loki (pictured below) look like what they are–unidentifiable mutts.

Lyra's baby collage

These are some of her baby pictures I found–on the left she’s pictured with her big brother, Loki, and on the right she’s chewing on my arm. So tiny! When she was a baby, one of her favorite things would be to walk to the park and sit on my lap on the swingset.

Lyra on the Swingset

Isn’t that face so cute you just want to smoosh it to pieces? Man I kind of miss baby Lyra. So floppy and playful and sleepy. She never really did get over the sleepy part, although she’s a lot bigger these days.

Lyra 4

David isn’t really a dog person–he’s one of those weirdos that grew up in an animal-free household. So I’m easing him into the idea of dog ownership by borrowing Lyra from my mom for periods of time. So far my master plan is working brilliantly–we’re one week into the first visit and he’s absolutely smitten.

Lyra big girl collage

I know she must miss her doggie mommy Sydney, though, so my mom and I are making an effort to get them together for play dates. Today, the dog park! We’re excited!

lyra 2


One thought on “Cat Ladies of the Internet, Meet My Dog

  1. I LOVE HER!! ❤ How lucky you are to have known her from puppyhood. Dexter was a year old when we got him from the pound, and nobody knew his history (he was a transfer from another shelter), so one could only guess. We looked up pics of his mutt mix and saw one that looked exactly like him, with a time progression that included puppy pics, so we think we have an idea of what he might've looked like when he was a wee one.

    I also grew up in an animal-free home, and truth be told, I was always a bit squeamish around dogs. Even when we first got Dexter, I retracted a bit when he got in my lap or jumped up on me to lick my face.

    Eight years later, though, I can't imagine life without him. He makes my life so rich and full of love. I'm thinking David will definitely come around to Lyra, too. Sounds like he's pretty much already there. 🙂

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