this is where I ramble a bit

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reading: David’s update to a story him and I are writing together, as well as Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song. I’m such a bad fan girl for Mailer–I forget how much I love his writing until I start one of his books, and then I’m instantly sucked in.

listening: to my dog, Lyra, snore. I’ll do a more formal introduction on the blog this upcoming week, but I’ve had her since she was born eight years ago, she’s just lived at my mom’s while I did the college thing. Having her around has been amazing and I love watching David bond with her.

thinking: about all the projects I’m getting excited to work on. I have an actual vision for making a small collection of art that is show-worthy, as well as two (three, really) novels that it’s time to put the petal to metal on.

feeling: humbled, for lots of small reasons, but in a good way. and grateful for all the people in my life who fill my bubble up with lovely, genuine words.

excited: for a super fun adventure planned with some friends a couple weeks from now. and for the video game exhibit at the emp, which David and I are going to check out next weekend!

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