happy love day

love dayLovers may have monopolized this holiday, but I grew up in a family (and, more specifically, with a sister) who viewed Valentine’s Day as a day about love, and we focused a lot less on your relationship status. So whether you’re a unit, a single, a triad, or anything else, happy love day. There’s always someone in your life that loves you, and this is a good day to send them a hello.

That being said, I do love this guy. I love my whole family, and I love that he’s part of that family. He means the world to me and I love the life we’re building together. Last night we were being particular mush buckets to each other, and it was sweet to hear him express how much he loves this life with me.

This weekend I’m spending with my family, celebrating our time-honored tradition of Decadent Sunday (although it’ll be on a Saturday this year), full of decadent food and love. Can’t wait!


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