Feral Cats Are My Neighbors

Feral Cats Fence 2-12-13


I was doing laundry and had some time to kill this morning so I took my camera and got some shots of the area outside my complex. There’s a colony (?) of feral cats who live around here, and one of the first neighbors I met was the woman who feeds them.

Feral Cats Homeless House 2-12-13


This is a hollow within a wall of blackberry bushes. It smells pretty terrible–way worse than a litter box. It looks so much like a miniature version of the shacks set up in the woods on the bike path I take to work, which makes me feel a stab of sympathy for the cats as well as the men whom their house is inspired by.

Feral Cats No Feeding 2-12-13

Feral Cats Zoomed Out 2-12-13


One thought on “Feral Cats Are My Neighbors

  1. Seeing stray/feral animals always makes me so sad. But that’s really great that someone feeds them twice a day and strives towards spaying/neutering them. There need to be more project like that out in this world of ours.

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