I Miss Posting My Outfits

So when my darling dearest Alicia from Break Out of the Bell Jar came to town for a much-anticipated shopping trip, I definitely dragged her outside for a photo shoot. It even included outfit changes. I’m only showing one outfit off today, but I’m showing it off specifically to Marie, from These Faded Eyes. She’ll know why.

Marci 2-10-13 Top

I’ve had a subtle but definite Thing for skull prints lately. I’ll try and get a close up of this dress, but the skulls are made up of intricate little detailing, like classic candy skulls. I love them, and this outfit is now my instant go-to outfit. So comfortable and easy.

Marci 2-10-13 Full

Sweater: Target | Dress: H&M | Leggings: Who knows | Shoes: Outlet store?

Also yes I trimmed my bangs. And yes, I trimmed them far too short. But that’s alright, since they’ll grow… Right? Oh also your tip of the day–H&M has a ton of cotton stretch mini skirts for like $6 that you should consider filling your closet with. And I’m definitely not being paid to say that–rather the opposite. I took home a skirt in black, for work, and a skirt in mustard yellow, for fun. That style skirt is an essential piece in the laziest outfits I ever create.


7 thoughts on “I Miss Posting My Outfits

  1. SHUT. UP!! I am in love with that dress! I haven’t been to H&M in ages, mostly because I refuse to travel into Boston to go (ekk). I can definitely see why this is a go to outfit for you, it looks super good on you! Come shopping with me already 🙂

  2. Hey! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. 🙂 The info can be found on my blog if you so choose to accept. I know a lot of these things have been floating around though and you may be sick of them. 😛


    • Oh thanks! I wouldn’t say I’m sick of them, but I have already done a post for it so I’m going to have to pass. It’s definitely been a lot of fun getting to know you through blogging, though, and I’m so happy you thought of me!

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