Because No One Likes A Crybaby

Marci tag you're it

Being pursued is the best part of playing tag, and I’ll admit that on more than one occassion I was that kid running away with my head turned, looking over my shoulder at the relentless pursuer. I’m the one that taunted as I ran, goading whoever was It to chase me some more. And this time, it seems, I was too busy looking behind me to see an uneven patch of lawn. I tripped, my fatal flaw, and have been tagged by Nicole. And because, as she so hilariously put it on her blog post, no one likes a crybaby, I’ll follow the rules. Even though I did something identical to this not too long ago 😉

Okay, so The Almighty Rules:
-Answer Nicole’s questions
-Write 11 of my own
-Tag other unsuspecting folks.

When you were in high school, who was your celebrity crush? Oh man who wasn’t I in love with? The one I remember clearest was Claire Danes. I was a big fan of Brokedown Palace.
How has your taste changed since then? (As in, who are you drooling over now and how are they different?) She kind of fell off the radar for a bit, which I found sad. She was definitely the main reason I watched the first season of Homeland. Amazing performance.
When do you feel most at home? Oh man do I have a dorky answer, but whenever I’m in the middle of a routine with a loved one. Brushing my teeth with David or tucking my toes under his butt when we’re sitting on the couch, hanging out in the car with my mom while we drive around accomplishing a million errands, or talking a mile a minute with my sister.
What’s your favourite hot beverage? While I’ve gotten over my compulsive need to drink coffee every morning, I still enjoy a cup. Especially in a coffee shop, paired with a good book. At the end of the day my comfort drink is hot cocoa, especially if we have mini marshmallows in the cupboard. What I drink the most often is definitely lemon ginger tea.
If you could punch someone in the face without repercussions, who would it be? This questions is hilariously awesome and I wish I had a good answer for it!  I forgot I totally do have an answer! Thanks K for reminding me! David’s BFFL is a pretty serious student of martial arts, and I’ve spent the past two years trying to work up the nerve to punch him in the face out of the blue. To test his skills. It sounds horrible, but his girlfriend K and David have both given me their full support 🙂 Maybe soon!
What’s your favourite camping food? Revealing my pampered ways, my mom totally had this crazy luxurious contraption when we were kids that toasted pop tarts over an open fire. So my favorite camping food is definitely pop tarts.
What’s one skill you’d like to learn this year? On a whim, totally random, I’d love to start playing an instrument again. I’m so rusty it’d definitely be learning to pick up the oboe or bassoon, but I think I’d want to learn a new instrument. Like the cello.
If I were to visit, how would you entertain me for a day? (I look forward to this answer!!) Definitely head down the beach for a ferry ride, and hiking around the nearby islands. I’m not that big on seeking out nature experiences but I’m always glad when I do get out there, so you’re the perfect excuse for me to expand outside of my comfort zone!
What’s your favourite cheesy pick-up line? It’s more of a joke than a pick up line, but hopefully it counts. What did one triangle say to the other triangle? My, you’re looking a-cute today!
If you were to have a solo dance party right now, what song would you put on? I’m the least original person in the world when it comes to music. If I need cheered up out of a bout of melancholia, then Mumford and Sons. If I want to sing loudly, some old school Pink and Lady Gaga’s first album.
What’s the best thing that has arrived in your mailbox lately? David’s parent’s yearly letter! I was totally in it, which I found super exciting. It’s so cool being a part of another family. Not that I’m trading my own family in for them or anything. It’s just neat.

Now for the hardest part–My Eleven Questions

1-What’s the last book you finished?
2-What do you secretly wish you had majored in at college?
3-Most embarrassing email address/screen name you’ve ever had?
4-What’s your go-to comfort food?
5-Do you remember who your high school valedictorian was?
6-Which is better–thrifting or shopping the sales rack?
7-What tv show are you seriously hooked on right now? (Take this one seriously–I need recommendations)
8-What’s the best date night you’ve ever had?
9-Dog peson or cat?
10-Who’s your favorite celebrity/big-name blog?
11- How’d you find my blog?

Now, as for Who Gets Tagged….

YOU! That’s right, my darling lurkers–I know you read this. I can see my stats. If you’re reading this, consider


7 thoughts on “Because No One Likes A Crybaby

  1. Pop Tarts while camping!! Were you at least eating the Smore variety? That one was always my favourite… and it seems the most fitting for camping.

    I like your proposed visit. Maybe I’ll have to swing by and get you outdoors.

    Also, I adore being a part of Ian’s family, as well. It feels amazing to be welcomed wholeheartedly into such a sacred bond. I’m not about to trade my family in either, but I’m pretty stoked that I now have two!

    Thanks for playing!

  2. Alright you caught me.. 🙂 I read this, and now I suppose I’ll have to come up with a post. I meant to do the last one, but have been a bit sluggish with the whole blogging thing as of late. I’m so behind in my reading list, it’s exhausting! but ya, I’ll have a post soon!

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