There’s A New Look

Hate Free Zone

Rachele over from Nearsighted Owl shared these buttons about fat acceptance, which I gladly put on my blog. And it made me think–the same logic I have to willingly post a fat acceptance button makes me want to share an everything-acceptance button.

I firmly hold to several beliefs, beliefs that I use to hold up my personal foundations. I have control over my actions. I control what I eat, if if I work out, what I wear, and how I treat others. Those are things within my control and that’s important, since so many other things aren’t. It’s important to me to be the one making those decisions for myself. I don’t think anyone else really has a right to have a say in the matter, and in that same vein, I don’t have a right to judge other’s actions.

It’s not my job to judge what you eat, what you weigh, if you work out, if you dress in blue jeans every day–you are not me, and so my right to judge you is nonexistent. That’s the best summary not just on my feelings regarding fat acceptance, but acceptance in general.  You have the right to be you.

Which means I need more than just Rachele’s fat acceptance badge. Above it, you’ll see my little Hate Free Zone badge. Hate speech crosses a major line with me. This includes all minorities, but I’ll likely feel the urge to rip your head off if you target an oft-abused minority group like people with developmental disabilities. Which is what happens every time you use the r-word as an adjective designed to insult your target. It’s a touchy subject with me.

It’s not enough to chose one or two ‘favorite’ minority groups, though, and ignore the rest. Using gay as an insult is the opposite of okay or acceptable. Fat is not a bad word, or something to be ashamed of.  Retard is a word designed to offend and hurt more than just whoever your target is, but an entire body of people and their families who have done nothing against you. And I’m sure there are a hundred more minority groups I’m not even aware of, and by no means do I think that the large number is related conversely to the value of each group.

So it gets summed up with a no hate speech badge. I strive to be a respectful, honest person and i want my blog to be a safe reflection of those values.


3 thoughts on “There’s A New Look

  1. Hear, hear, Marci! I totally and completely agree on this one. I saw the Fat Acceptance badges and considered putting one up on my blog, but then, like you, I felt like that wasn’t going far enough. Good on you for going so far as to make your own badge. I’ll find a spot for it on Gypsy in Jasper, asap.

    Thanks for sharing.

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