Friday Fiction

friday fiction

So I want to make a point of having my Friday Fiction exist solely for myself, although I’m inviting random strangers to read it as well. This is a place of rough drafts, initial free writes, and the pre-editing stage. Today’s clip was inspired by an imaginary conversation I heard in my head, and it turned into a rough outline of a young adult novel. Which is a genre I’ve never dabbled with before. Today’s clip is really short because, if all goes according to plan, next week you’ll see the same piece only presented the way I envision it. That is, a la graphic novel style.

“Did you know you can change the color of your eyes by thinking about an exact color for ten minutes every night before you go to sleep?”

Those were the first words I ever heard Summer speak, and I knew right away she was different. She had an other-ness about her that I recognized.

“That’s stupid, everyone knows that doesn’t work.”

That would be Susie, the queen bee of eight grade and an utter, total snob. It bothered me, the way she dismissed the new girl’s claim, as if everyone had heard that trick and tried it at slumber parities in the sixth grade or something. I mean, I had never heard it before, much less applied the theory to practical experimentation.

I’ll admit, though, later that night I did test it out. I thought of the color of our vibrant, obsessively-maintained front lawn. It’s my dad’s pride and joy, and it’s even won a couple awards from our neighborhood organization. He keeps them on display in the formal room. Anyway, I held that color in my mind for as long as I could stay awake last night.


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