What to Wear to Karaoke

what to wear
I’m not the singer in my little unit, anyone will tell you that. The closest I get to the stage is practicing harmonics with David in the car, and trust me when I say I fail epically. Which means all I’ve got to go on is my amazingly stunning stage presence. And clearly I’m all about the bright colors and bird patterns. Oh and mini skirts are always a crowd pleaser.

Marci 1-23-13 Karaoke Full

Shirt & Skirt: H&M | Sweater: Target | Tights: Gift | Shoes: Payless

Seriously, though, I’ve done karaoke a total of two times in my life. Once in high school, at Yearbook Camp* where I sang Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds with a group of girls even though I had never heard the song before (shamefully, I know, but let’s not talk about it), and once more recently at Alicia’s place, after her husband got a karaoke machine for his birthday.

Marci 1-23-13 Karaoke CLose Up

It was a pretty sweet night, and I sung myself hoarse. David and I opened up the stage with an intensely passionate rendition of Hooked On A Feeling, which will always be our go-to song. We used to sing it at the top of our lungs every single time we got in his car, complete with smacking the doors and stamping our feet to provide the drumbeat. Good times.

Marci 1-23-13 Karaoke Collage

So watch the video below (because I know I did like five times while writing this) and then go check out the rest of the crazy cool cats who participate in WiW for their awesome karaoke outfits!

Nicole: Gypsy in Jasper
Sondra: Abhaya Yoga
Lisa: notladylike
Sarah: Exploring Woods

Lisa: lala faux bois
Shayla: Northern Exposure

*Oh heck yes I was one of those kids. I also went to Journalism Camp, since I was the editor for both the yearbook and the school paper.


16 thoughts on “What to Wear to Karaoke

  1. I’m so stoked to see that you pulled out a mic and had fun with this one. I went pretty goofy, too!

    Your outfit is so cute and so you. I love the colour of that shirt with the tights and the skirt.

    • It’s David’s mic, since he’s the actual musician in the household 🙂 It was a fun little photo shoot to do. I’m in awe of how yours turned out! Way awesome!

  2. These pics are SO fun 🙂 I looooove this skirt and all your fun colors and prints together! I’ve definitely been dragged up on stage a few times after many drinks were involved, but I don’t go willingly 😉

    • Thanks! Yeah being on stage is hugely terrifying and something I avoid at all costs. David is constantly trying to convince me to be his back up vocalist and my mom just laughs when he brings it up. My family knows that stages are the water to my oil.

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