Currently: Jumping on the Bandwagon

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Drinking //  Apple “sidra” (normal soda) from Taiwan. I know it’s not the healthiest choice for a first-of-the-morn’ drink, but hot damn it’s so tasty!

Listening // My scanner working away as I upload some new paintings.

Anticipating // The soon-to-be day of my big reveal! Revealing what, you ask? Oh just wait, friends. Just wait. It has to do with art, though.

Planning // Above-mentioned Big Reveal, as well as my day’s plans. I don’t work, and I wanted to walk down to Value Village to check out their table collection..

Watching // Warehouse 13. I’m only a couple of episodes into it, but I tend to seek out neutrally uninteresting tv shows to have in the background while I work.

Missing // David. We spent most of the weekend apart, and this upcoming weekend I work open to close so we won’t be seeing much of each other except for that exhausted time period after he gets home from work before bed.

Loving // My life, despite the awkward work schedule. Things are working out a little easier than I expected, and I’m so grateful for it.

Going // To Value Village, and I’ve almost talked myself into swinging by for a McDonald’s breakfast McGriddle (they’re my ultimate guilty pleasure, and I haven’t had one in months)

Making me happy // Plans with friends! Kels is coming over tonight for crafting, which will rock.

This template for “Currently” came from My Billie.


One thought on “Currently: Jumping on the Bandwagon

  1. Oooh, I think I know what your Big Reveal is, and I’m totally excited for it! 🙂 Haven’t had McDonald’s in over a decade, and I have to say the McGriddle has been the one thing that I’ve been wanting to try.

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