Foggy Friendships

Okay there’s actually nothing foggy about this friendship–but it worked with the photo shoot we did, so I’m keeping my adjectives the way they are! I know I’ve talked about her before, but my darling friend Alicia is one of the bests. She blogs over at Break Out of the Bell Jar, so you can even see what I mean for yourself! Anyway, David and I rung in the New Years with her and her husband, who is David’s close friend. Their friendship is actually how her and I met, although David was just a groomsmen at their wedding, and I was the maid of honor. So, you know, suck it, David*.

Alicia & Marci 1

Ahem. New Years. Which makes these photos my official first real photos of The Library*! I think it’s also the first time I’ve done outfit photos in the middle of the street, which was pretty fun. Mildly terrifying, especially since it was super foggy and we ran the ever-present risk of being hit by a car who couldn’t see us until we were fifteen feet in front of it, but that’s how committed we are to, er, fashion blogging?

Alicia & Marci 2

I could go on for a while about why I like Alicia, but it can be better summed by saying that she’s in the Good People category. Even if she jokes about how she isn’t. Her and I are pretty different in a lot of way–religion, politics, fashion–and she often talks about how I’m her weirdest friend–most eccentric friend–she says it right here, as a matter of fact, but she’s awesome. We have a couple of big, important things in common and the biggest one of all is that we like each other. I don’t see her anywhere near often enough, so maybe that’s why I decided to write a whole rambling post about her, but when we do see each other it’s pretty seamless.

Alicia & Marci 3

*I’m just kidding. I mean, not about our roles in their wedding, but about it mattering. Those two crazy kids are equally in love with the both us.

**I don’t actually have a fear of 2013 or the number 13, but I do think this is such an ugly looking year and writing The Library is so much prettier.


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