He Doesn’t Have A Name


But he’s one of my two best [inanimate] friends. I rescued him from my old front porch when the former occupants decided to leave him there. He keeps me company, and it’s best when I’m feeling melancholy. Usually he lives above our tv next to our TV Spirit–more on that guy later–and he’s a little judgemental about the amount of video games David plays. He doesn’t like the violence. He does, however, love it when David puts on those microbiology documentaries on, or ones about the universe. He’s a big Carl Sagan fan. He’s also at the tail end of his existential crisis.

Gargoyle 2


Right now he’s chilling in my art room where he watched me sketch out a painting and sat for his portraiture. He’s a little concerned that I’m holding myself back from achieving my full potential, but he also loves and supports me. He understands that life is a long process and patience is the best approach. He’s feeling a little self conscious about my blog post, but I’m pretty sure deep down he’s secretly flattered.


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