So I’m In This Book Club

I come from a family of readers. My parents are both avid bookworms who are amazing readers, and they’ve given this love to my sister and I. My mom, sister and I frequently share books and I love their recommendations. The Shadow of the Wind is the most recent read being passed around us. My favorite part about the holidays is that I know my dad and sister will replenish some of my book stock, giving me nice tomes to fill my January month.

Cloud Atlas 3

Last year my dad had this idea to give my sister and I the same book for Christmas, The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. He read it in the original Italian. Around Father’s Day, he gave us House of Spirits by Isabel Allende and he read the original Spanish version (he’s fluent in Spanish, it’s his native language, as well as Italian–can’t remember if that’s been mentioned on the blog before). We all three read our copies and then talk about the books. It’s a very informal book club, but we have fun with it. For my dad’s birthday in October, my sister gave him Cloud Atlas and then he made that my Christmas present to cement it as our Next Pick. We all finished it last week or so, and we went to see the movie Saturday night at our local cheap theater.

Cloud Atlas 1

So. Frickin. Amazing.

I think the best part of reading this book was reading it with other people. I’ll admit that I didn’t give it as thorough a reading as the book deserved, and a quick chat on the phone with my dad showed me that I needed to look deeper. We did, the three of us, over dinner and it was a great book discussion about theme, intention, plot, style–we totally nerded out. My sister even had book questions she found online. We went to see the movie, which I could write an entire other post on but I’ll stick with the fact that I really really enjoyed it. There were a few adjustments (one big one in particular, regarding Sonmi’s story) that I didn’t like but the rest of the changes served to make the themes in the book more apparent and obvious to the dense readers like myself.

Cloud Atlas 2


One thought on “So I’m In This Book Club

  1. It’s so great that you have a family bookclub! I was a part of a blogger bookclub for awhile, but everyone got busy and it seemed to slowly just disappear…

    I really want to read Cloud Atlas. I saw the movie with friends, but I didn’t really like it as a film. I loved the concept, and the stories, but I felt something was gravely missing, and there were bits of it that just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe if I read the book I’ll feel differently? Because I felt the story had so much potential, and that maybe the film just didn’t do it justice? Again, this is all being said by someone who HASN’T read it.

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