What to Wear: the Stripes Edition

what to wear

This is the Stripes Edition of What to Wear, and for everyone who read the early months of my old fashion blog, Moose in Chartreuse, my cohort Kels aka Stripes is really the expert in this sector of the fashion world.

Marci 1-10-13 Stripes Face

Still, though, I had recently done a mini shopping trip. Somewhere David is rolling his eyes, saying “mini?” to himself. Anyway, I picked up a striped top and figured I’d wear it for this photo shoot. I tried it first with a couple of the different striped skirts I have, but in the end, none of it seemed to work.

Sweater: Target | Shirt: Old Navy | Skirt: Thrifted | Socks: ModSock | Shoes: Payless

Sweater: Target | Shirt: Old Navy | Skirt: Thrifted | Socks: ModSock | Shoes: Payless

I opted for Less is More. Kind of. No stripes other than the top, yes, but somehow it felt right to bust out my comic book socks.  Also I’m with Nicole on this–there really should be no rule about horizontal stripes and your weight. That’s just the fashion world getting its body snark on. Granted, I think there shouldn’t be like any rules when it comes to fashion, but that’s kind of a different topic.

Marci 1-10-13 Sassy Close UP

Be sure to check out the rest of the ladies and their fabulous stripey outfits!

Nicole: Gypsy in Jasper
Sondra: Abhaya Yoga
Lisa: notladylike
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Amanda: Salvaged Strawberry
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Northern Exposure


15 thoughts on “What to Wear: the Stripes Edition

  1. You are adorable. I love this outfit. You look good in a stripe. I went the one stripe route, as well. I tried some layering, but nothing was coming out how I wanted it. Less is more, sometimes.

    Those socks are amazing!

  2. Before I read the post, I thought the socks were comic book rainboots and I immediately wanted them. Which gave me an idea of making socks look like boots.

    The whole outfit is so sassy and sophisticated; I love it! And that green is a fabulous color on you. I confess that I haven’t gotten comfortable enough to wear horizontal stripes on its own. I need to break it up with solid color to not feel self-conscious. Something to work on, I guess.

  3. i found you by way of my buddy Nicole at gypsy in jasper – and i have to say i LOVE this outfit!! i would definitely wear that out and about and even just hanging out with my hermit self =)


  4. I love that striped shirt with the neon top! Your green skirt is just the best shade of green and I love it with your pink bangs 🙂 I tried to do multiple stripes too and it just wasn’t working for me. Love this! You have such a fun style!

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