A Change of Plans

Marci New Hair

So I had this mini, not-that-serious New Years Resolution about keeping to a stricter blog schedule. Part of that included bringing back Friday Fiction as a way of encouraging myself to write more, but then I went and dyed my hair pink. Which seems like a way more fun thing to share on the blog than any silly writing I tap out! At least for today.

Marci 1-3-13 Top Half


Mostly we’re talking subtle color under my bangs. I used three different bottles of dye–hot pink, purple, and what was supposed to be mauve but was more like bright orange pink.

Marci 1-3-13 Face


Also I went on a mini shopping trip and found this coat, scarf and shoes at Old Navy. The coat was only $12! Woot! It’s perfect for staying warm and visible during bike rides, and it has a hood!

Marci 1-3-13 Full

Coat Scarf & Shoes: Old Navy | Shirt: Modcloth | Pants: Kohls | Bag: H&M

I’m so in love with my new pop of color that it isn’t even funny. It’s so fun to sneak this color into my black and white work wardrobe. I used to have all-over hot pink in college and it was my goal to go back to pink again one day. Done and done!


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