Promises I Make To Myself


Holiday time is not the best time for me to be consistent with writing here, it’s true. I’m looking forward to an eventual drop off of familial obligations and settling back into a schedule with my mister once 2013 greets us. I have so many plans for this year, and I’m really excited to talk about them. Especially since this blog will be a big part of what I want to accomplish. But don’t worry, not in a I’m-going-to-sell-out-to-every-sponsor-way. I mean, I don’t even have sponsors.

Right now, though, I’ll share that I found this website through Sillygrrl’s post. I tried two times to leave a comment about how much I was in love with the website, but her platform kept not working. Alas.

Seriously, though, it’s awesome. Bowling score style rewarding how much writing you’re doing. Daily journaling. 750 words a day. It’s one of my new year goals. I desperately need to get back into journaling away from art pages and for the last two days, this has been my key.

I’m going to continue eating my weight in homemade cookies from my mother-in-law-equivalent while getting ready for work, though, so if you’ll excuse me…


2 thoughts on “Promises I Make To Myself

  1. That 750words site is so cool. I might have to give that a go. I can’t guarantee I’ll do it daily, but even if I manage to do it four out of seven days, I’d be stoked.

    Good luck with it!

    • You should totally hop on board. There are rewards for not just daily writing but other types as well, like speed or length. I’m doing the January Challenge of writing every day and so far, so good!

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