What to Wear on Christmas!

what to wear

Marci 12-27-12 Standing

Sweater, Skirt & Shoes: Thrifted | Necklace: Gift, David | Shirt (actually a dress): H&M | Tights: Gift, Express

Seriously guys I’ve been planning this outfit for months. As in, I wanted to wear this outfit months ago but everyone (David and my mom) told me to wait until Christmas. True story–upon hearing the first part of that story, my brother in law was all “yeah, it’s festive, but I can kinda see you wearing that any time of the year”.

That’s why he’s my favorite brother in law, guys.

Marci 12-27-12 Face Jewelry

Marci 12-27-12 Textures

Marci 12-27-12 Necklace

Marci 12-27-12 Sitting

I would love to be one of those people who stays in pajamas all day, but that doesn’t really happen anymore. With divorced parents you know you have to go to at least two places, which pretty much means clothing. It was a ton of fun this year, in large part because David got to come with me. It was our first Christmas together and it was amazing! We carpooled with my sister and BIL to make our rounds and I loved how grown up and festive the whole thing felt. It was an amazing day, and this outfit lasted the whole way through! Granted, I didn’t actually take a single photo of it so this is my Thursday-morning-Oh-crap-I-forgot-it’s-What-to-Wear-Thursday rendition, but the elements are all still the same!

Marci 12-27-12 Surprise

Oh and for those who say human anatomy isn’t Christmas festive, I would remind you of The Grinch–it’s a metaphor about how big my heart was! And be sure to check out what all the other lovely ladies are wearing, too!

Sondra: Abhaya Yoga
Katherine: thinkin’ outloud

6 thoughts on “What to Wear on Christmas!

  1. I love this outfit. You are so cute. I’m glad that despite the fact that you forgot to get pics the day of that you took these today. This outfit needed to be seen.

    Also, I will forever love that heart necklace!

      • When have you ever been one to NOT wear something because it wasn’t the right season or the pre-packaged and approved colour combo. You can wear this any day, any season! 😉 AND, you’ll totally pull it off. That’s just your totally unique and wonderful style, Chica.

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