If You Can’t Replicate It, Doesn’t Count


First off, I suppose, I hope everyone had is having a wonderful holiday season! This Christmas was the best one I’ve had in a while, and I’ll probably have to do a post about it. Granted, I went the entire day without taking a single photo, but oh well!

This is the first rule because it’s one of the biggest traps I fall into. Like I’ve mentioned before, I have no training when it comes to art. This means the best way I have to learn is through experimenting. One of my weaknesses is going to the art store, getting a new medium and search-engining how to use it properly. Or skipping that last step and just diving right in to see what happens! This means that whatever I end up with is often something I can’t easily replicate, which means in my head, it doesn’t count. Also, it means if I have one piece that doesn’t look like it belongs in a set, it doesn’t count.


My mom and I had just dived into the crazy world of gesso when I made this and we spent the day designing artist trading cards with magazine cutouts and stamps. The end result is almost as cherished as the process itself, but I immediately forced a brainstorming session in my head about other images I could apply to the same technique–bold silhouette layered under a frame layered under a collaged picture. I never made any of them, and that lack of a series made this picture worthless in my head–it didn’t count.

It’s a silly rule and there’s no reason why I should be proud about a piece. Even if it’s lonely. So really, am I alone in this? Anyone out there with one amazing poem they’re proud of, but refuse to consider themselves a poet because they’ve only written one?


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