[Art] Rules I Need to Forget


I thought of this series when I was having a conversation with my mom about all the ways in which I limit myself by arbitrary rules I keep for myself, particularly as an artist. I want it on the record that even calling myself an artist breaks the rules–I’m not a professional, I don’t make my living that way or any money at all, and I didn’t go to art school. Apart from one community college class on screen printing, I have absolutely no professional training beyond elementary school. I was a band geek.

That feels like the whole point, though–to share my perspective as someone who isn’t a professional. I hope you share your feedback and your experiences as well. I’ll keep this post updated with the links for each rule as I post them, starting with the last week of 2012.

Rule Number One If you can’t replicate it, it doesn’t count.

Rule Number Two If your art spends its entire life in your sketchbook, it was a waste.

Rule Number Three If you can’t draw something nice, don’t draw anything at all.

Rule Number Four If it can’t fiscally sustain you, it doesn’t count.

Rule Number Five If it has no purpose beyond aesthetic, it doesn’t count.


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