Set On Repeat

Wednesday was a normal day. Somewhat boring, but fine. I ran a bunch of errands with my mom, including taking my bike to the shop again, as well as work a quick shift. My sister called in the middle though, with a brilliant idea.

Today is December twelth

Marci & Carol

Yes, Carol, I know. It’s pretty cool, huh? But why are you calling me on your lunch break to tell me the date?

It’s the last repeating date we’ll ever see. We have to do something.

A quick brainstorm session, mild amounts of planning and some extra supplies around the house later, our idea was born. Carol made the cookies, I made a banner and we rounded up our men for a fun photoshoot! There is a beautiful storefront with an ampersand and the letters L-O-V-E which made a perfect backdrop!

Marci & David

Carol & KyMarci & David blurry

Marci 12-12-12 Cookie


5 thoughts on “Set On Repeat

  1. I LOVE THIS! what a fun idea of your sis! Looks like you all had so much fun & it was really fun to see your pictures. i hand’t relized it’ll be the last repeating date ever but of course it is. glad you did this!

  2. awesome, I love it! I really didn’t do anything to celebrate other than think about it alot and think, “woah!” all day, hahaha! Your decorations and cookies are so cool, and sister time is great.

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