The Shortest Seven Years

7YearPen TEXT

I kept meaning to write an update about this, but a mix of busyness and annoyance got in my way. Remember this post? The seven year pen that only lasted a month, and then the company was nice enough to replace my faulty ink barrel? Well I was super happy and excited, and had visions of writing all my NaNoWriMo project with the one pen.

That lasted for about 2500 words when the ink barrel started acting up again with the exact same problems as the first pen. So, lamesauce, but yeah. I think the larger barrel design lends itself to air bubbles that screw with the way the pen writes. I’m officially not a supporter of them, which is too bad–I really like the idea! Back to the drawing boards, guys, and design me an ink barrel for a pen that won’t lock up every ten words, please.

I’ll admit that I didn’t send a follow up email or anything letting them know the replacement barrels didn’t work out. They were super nice the first time and I’m sure they would have been just as nice the second time, but it seems like a bit of a waste. The flaw seems to be in the design itself, so I don’t know what complaining about it would do. I am curious, though, since I haven’t heard from anyone else about these pens. Am I the only one who writes long enough to encounter the problem?


3 thoughts on “The Shortest Seven Years

  1. I have one of these as well, but I haven’t had any trouble with it… yet. I got mine a few months ago now and it’s been fine for day to day use at work.

    I’ll keep you posted if it craps out on me.

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