A Very Merry Saturday

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It’s so hard to believe it’s already December. I’ve been trying really hard not to be a grinch this year and it’s mostly working. We’ve decorated around the apartment spectacularly–it’s so much fun to walk in and be greeting with our festive entrance. We also went and picked out our tree, which is where I figured out what our momento for our first Christmas together should be. We saved the cutting at the base of our tree, and I’m going to turn it into an ornament.


Picking out our tree was fun, and a very couple-practice-y moment. David didn’t want a big tree, and I wanted one that was as tall as him. He’s 6’3′ so it doesn’t seem unreasonable. He thought that might be too tall so I suggested one not shorter than me, but not taller than him. The one we found was perfect! (Although when all was said and done, it was a little shorter than me. By maybe half an inch)

group shot

Kels and Kim joined us for the decorating of the tree as part of our third annual Orphan Christmas. It was a ton of fun, mostly just to get together with those ladies. My friends are all so spread out that it’s hard to figure out schedules and timing to actually see them!


We ended the day by working on our christmas cards and we have half of them completely done! I started the process thinking that 16 cards was enough, but boy was I wrong. I’m going to double the amount and hope that no hurt feelings happen along the way. I’m super excited about them and completely in love. I’ll be sure to send one through a blog post soon to make sure you guys all get a peek, too!

I hope everyone else had a nice Saturday, whether you had it off or not! Any special holiday activities planned to get in the seasonal mood?


6 thoughts on “A Very Merry Saturday

  1. your tree looks very nice; I like the popcorn and tinsel. 🙂 We have yet to put ours up; but I’m thinking soooon. Love your idea of making an ornament with the base of it!

    We just went to a place called the Christmas Barn tonight with my parents; it’s been a tradition since I was a kid. It just an old barn full of Christmas decorations, but I love it.

    • Very fun! Traditions are always exciting. We have a really pretty nursery that fills itself with holiday stuff when it’s the season. It can be overwhelming but super fun with some hot cooca in hand!

  2. I love your ornament idea. So cute.

    Your tree turned out great – even if it is a teeny bit shorter than you. I’m hoping to cut a tree next weekend. I really, really, really want to decorate. My house is lacking the festive feel that I desire. I have been crafting like a maniac, though. I think I almost have enough ornaments to cover a small tree. ALMOST. I need to come up with one more ornament idea to fill things out a bit. So far, I have felt stockings, sandpaper gingerbread men and salt dough stars, trees and snowmen. Any ideas for me!? 🙂

    • Use a circle punch to punch out different pretty papers, and then fold each circle in half. Pick out five different circle, and clue one half to the next, then around, so they’re all connected. Let dry and string a thread through the middle.

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