I refuse to apologize

Okay this might be some kind of relationship violation, but whatevs. Truth is truth, guys, and the truth is David and I watched Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer the other day. It started out as a joke when the movie appeared months ago on his Recently Watched Netflix que, and I gave him a hard time for watching it without me. He shares his account with a friend, so it just got even funnier when we tried to picture who actually was a secret Rainbow Brite fanboy. You know how the story goes, though–joke about something long enough… We wanted to watch it. So we did.ย It was a ton of fun and weย both had a blast watching it. We’ve been half-joking, half-reminiscing about it for a bit now. No shame. Then, Netflix had the pop-up recommendations, and I saw Jem & the Holograms.

Best childhood flashback ever.

So we watched it. David and I both watched it. We were mesmerized and could not stop singing along. Then last night, I asked David what he wanted to do and he was ambivalent.

Me: Well… do you want to watch another Jem & The Holograms?

Him: I was totally just going to suggest that.


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